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Clinton Vs Ethics

             On the evening of August 17th, 1998 millions of Americans sat in front of their television sets to watch the President of the United States of America address his affair with former White House aide Monica Lewinsky. Unknown to the public at the time there were two copies of the speech which President Clinton so uncomfortably read. The speech, which Clinton proceeded to read (speech A), contained no apology to his supporters, or to his staff, or to Monica, or to the country. However, the supplementary speech (speech B) did take blame and did make apologies to many people. In my opinion, the auxiliary speech (speech B) would have been the more ethical and moral speech to deliver to the American People on that evening.
             To begin with, speech A takes no certain blame for his actions, while on the other hand, speech B does. Although speech A does takes responsibility for Clinton's actions, it also says that his answers were legally accurate, when in fact he did lie to many people. In fact, Clinton even says that this matter was a private incident and he tries to blame it on the news media. "Even presidents have private lives. It is time to stop the pursuit of personal destruction and the prying into private lives and get on with our national life." In speech B Clinton comes right out and says what I believe should have been included in the speech which he read that night: "I never should have had any sexual act with Monica Lewinsky, but I did." This excerpt from the backup speech states the issue and takes the blame for it unlike speech A, which only takes responsibility.
             Next, speech A seems to beet around the bush. To me the speech seems padded with diversions to distract the listeners at hand and to make them almost feel sorry for Clinton. In this speech, there is mention that the matter was between the two people he loved the most, his wife and daughter, and God. This piece here depicts that our president is a religious man and very much so family oriented.

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