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Bill Clinton

            A couple of years ago there was a great tension in the white house when Bill Clinton believed to have, then later confessed to have an affair with an intern Monica Lewinsky. His "apology" speech was broadcasted nation wide on August 17th, 1998 and hundreds of thousands of people were eager to hear what the famous U.S. president had to say. Bill Clinton's speech was primarily an "apology" to the people for his engagement in an improper relationship which he did not apologize directly in the speech. The man who is in the public eye most of the time, who leads the country and makes all the important decisions not just for himself and people around him, but for his own country, is untruthful and unrighteous in his actions. His speech contains several rhetorical devices which indicate his contradiction and insincere tone to the audience. Clinton also uses pathos to convince the viewers to be more understanding of his actions and as if to feel sorry for him when he discusses his wife and family "I mislead people including even my wide. I deeply regret that". .
             The speech clearly states parallel structure to emphasize his concern for American citizens "This has gone on too long, cost too much, and hurt too many people", for the pain and suffering that he has caused the nation and people surrounding him. Also now the former president drifts away from the actual subject of the speech "We have more important work to do - real opportunities, real problems to solve, real security matters to face" he also reminds the citizens that other than the most powerful figure in the country announcing false statements under oath they have other concerns to deal with at the moment. It also contains chiasmus "Now it is time - in fact, it is past time to move on", he uses this statement to let the people disregard the incident. In reality people no one can forgive a president for the false speeches made, betrayal of his loved ones and breaking the law in front on millions of viewers watching.

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