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Internet Censorship

             The Internet is used in every stretch of the earth where it is accessible. "The world-wide-web is just that: worldwide" (Gozic 2); however, various parties could consider some of the content inappropriate. The issue at hand is whether or not the government should step in and use its authority to control what is posted and viewed among the Internet communities. Nearly every time this regulation has been attempted, something has intervened to stop the plans, or to reverse a decision that has been made to aid the government in regulating the Internet; which will most likely happen again.
             As present in every topic one could think of, this topic has its good aspects and its bad aspects, two sides of the coin, if you will. There are strong reasons that support government regulation; however, the reasons opposing the regulations far outnumber the supporting reasons. Therefore, no major laws or anything of the type have been issued. The matter at hand is simply that the government should not have any say on what is displayed and viewed on the Internet and should most definitely not be regulated.
             "These days it seems most people are against government regulation. One exception to this is the apparent support for government regulation of Internet content" (Maher 1) for many reasons. One of the strongest arguments supporting government regulation of the Internet is that children and minors can easily access content that has been deemed appropriate only for adults. Pornography is an example of this. The government strives to completely ban pornography from the Internet along with prosecution of individuals who post or openly display such content. .
             Almost anyone who can get access to a computer can jump onto this "information superhighway" called the Internet, making it a potentially dangerous place, which is another reason for regulation. With anyone being allowed to post and view anything desired on the Internet, it creates a dangerous environment where nobody knows who you are, what you do, or what you have done.

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