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President Clinton

            Controversy can be found all over the news, and our government is usually right in the heat of this. Sunday's speech by president Bush on our position in Iraq was no exception. While making a comparison between two news articles on this same subject many differences can be found. One article is taken from the supposed neutral Chicago Tribune while the other is taken from a liberal biased website. Two totally different approaches are taken in reporting this information between the two articles, one being more objective and factual, while the other seems to be more opinionated and biased. The emphasis each author takes on certain elements guides the reader to understand the current argument over Iraq. However, it is easy for a reader to take what is given in each article as fact without actually testing the validity of its claim. The more bias in the article the less likely it will be seen as a legitimate source. .
             The opening line of "Shell Game Speech" sets the tone for the entire article in that the authors Robert Jensen and Rahul Mahajan begin by condemning the Bush administration and leading you to believe that they constantly disdain the intelligence of the American people. His remark about how the administration "hit a new low" already shows that he is bias towards some aspect of the administration (Jensen 1). On the other hand the "Senate Panel scrutinizes Bush's Iraq strategy" article begins with hard evidence about Bush's speech. The author Stephen Hedges starts out by telling us that Bush's plan "to stabilize Iraq and Afghanistan" are going to cost American taxpayers $87 billion (Hedges-3). In this instance the author gives us something to work with; he gives us an idea about what the speech was about. This allows us as the reader to form our own opinion rather than have one pushed upon us. .
             As Hedges" article goes on he talks about how and where the money plans on being spent.

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